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Little waterfall

Took this pic last week. Went a bit crazy with the exposure but I like the effect. And to think this was taken in central Tokyo! This city never seizes to amaze me…cascatina


Legacy Concept to be show at Detroit

Subaru has today released this first shot of the Legacy Concept that will be shown next month in Detroit. Said to be powered by a 3.6L 6-cylinder boxer engine this is Subaru’s most important car for 2009. The new Legacy should hit showrooms at the end of 2009 in Japan, just in time to celebrate the car’s 20th anniversary. Being the owner of a 2004 3.0R Wagon I’ve been really looking forward to this new car, and was really afraid they would spoil it like they have done with the Impreza.  But looking at the picture below I have to say that if the concept is anything to go by the final car should be pretty nice to look at!  Can’t wait to see more!



Hennessy Godzilla 700 – 700HP R35!

Seems the Americans have beaten the Japanese at their own game.  Hennessy has just announced that on top of the already exiting “Godzilla 600” package a more extreme “Godzilla 700” tuning menu has just been released.  Thanks to bigger turbochargers (the first turbo upgrade on an R35!), induction mods, upgraded intercoolers, some kind of boost controller, exhaust system and I guess an ECU upgrade the VR38 can be made to push out 700 HP and a mighty 853 Nm (630 lb-ft).  All of this for $18,500 or $24,500 installed. Now, with some of the prices we have seen in the aftermarket world for R35 parts this does seem very well priced.  Would love to find out more about the actual tuning done to the car, i.e. are the engine internals kept stock, are the cams upgraded, how about injectors/fueling, and of course what about the poor transmission and its delicate clutches?  I guess we will have to wait to get more answers but it’s nonetheless a step in the right direction.  I’m just VERY surprised all of this has come from an American tuner rather than a Japanese one.



Rev Speed Super Lap Battle

Well it’s that time of year again.  I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s SLB at Tsukuba circuit, by far my most favorite event of the year.  I’ve been to so many of these, as well as the ones held by Option magazine (they also do Fuji), that I’ve really seen the whole TA scene develop and grow, moving well away from what most will consider tuned cars, towards full out race cars. Will anyone be able come close to the HKS CT230R’s record of 53.589 sec?  Or will anyone be able to better M-Speed’s 2007 winning time of 54.481 sec?

Two cars we should all be keeping an eye on are the legendary Panspeed FD below, which has been perfected over the last year,


And this little monster here, the full-carbon Revolution FD.  



I shot it this past summer and hanged out with the team at Tsukuba while they were running tests.  This car is as extreme as they get, weights under 1000 kg, has custom double wishbone suspension front & rear and more than enough power.  Let’s just say it is more of a GT car than a tuned demo car!

One car I would have liked to see at the SLB is the Team Tarzan Impreza built in collaboration with Tomei (engine), Cusco (suspension/chassis/gearbox) and Voltex (body).  I saw the car win at Buttonwillow last month but it won’t be coming back to Japan for a while.  If you are reading this from the US you should go and check it out at the PRI show in Florida this coming week-end, it’s a pretty impressive machine.  Here are a few snaps I took earlier in the year at Fuji.



Mine’s will be there with their new Z34 demo car, already sporting some new tuning parts.  Will be interesting to see what the new Z will able to do at Tsukuba.  I remember driving the Mine’s Z33 a couple of years ago, and that thing was insanely fast!!  I’m sure they will create a real animal with new VQ37

Check back for some action from tomorrow’s event.  I won’t be able to post tomorrow night as after Tsukuba I’m going straight to Yokohama to the monthly GTR meet at Daikoku.  We will also be joined by the Datsun 510 guys so should be a very interesting, and looooong day!


Genki7 from RE-Amemiya

Seems TAS will have some excitement after all when Ama-san will unveil the Genki 7.  Here are a few snaps taken from his blog

Car will be painted in what seems a light sky-blue pearl hue.  Doors were recently done

Car seems to be an evolution of the GReddy III I shot earlier in the year.  Front end will feature Lotus Elise headlights while the rear seems to be untouchd GReddy III.

The side-ported 13B will is fitted with an externally gated  Trust TD07-25G.  

A nice ORC red brake kit has already been fitted up front.

The chassis was spot welded, prepped and painted a while back.  As you can see it’s all done in the same light sky-blue pearl as the rest of the car will be sprayed in.

Can’t wait to see the finished car.  It’s looking pretty cool already considering it started off life like this!


HKS and Trust out of TAS 2009

Seems the rumors going around are true.  HKS and Trust will not be at TAS next month.  Very sad to hear this but I guess they just don’t have enough new products to show.  Blame the current economic situation and the lack of tunable cars coming out of Japan, whatever it is people are just not spending as much money as they were on their cars.  

At least with the R35 and Z34 there will be something interesting to see at TAS.  We shall see….


MSC Challenge Exhibition in Odiaba

Was at MSC in Odaiba on saturday enjoying some good drifting and way too many complimentary bottles of Rockstar energy drink!  Action included big-ass bike jumps, moto-x, stunt-bikes and of course a few exhibition runs from Orido, Taniguchi and Ryuji!

If you want to see more of this…


Ehm, sorry meant this…

The check out Wrecked Magazine

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