Weld Celsior

Was over at Weld yesterday and Jonny showed me this new project they are working on for 2009.  


This will be one to watch as it sounds like a it’s going to be quite a monster.  As you can see work has already started on the donor Celsior, front end is all stripped, engine has been relegated to the trash and the mechanics are cutting lots of metal out around the front struts and wheels arches.



Space is being made for the protruding upper arms which will sit pretty high up due to the extreme low ride hight.  The steering is also being increased for the occasional drift outing but the main look of the car will be more VIP than drifter.


In will go a 2JZ with 5-speed JZX100 transmission putting out well over 600 PS.  A wild exhaust system with twin motorcycle-type carbon silencers will be made up and exit bang in the middle of the rear bumper.  This is why the rear trunk floor has been cut out…


Echoing the bike-style silencers is the fuel filler cap which has already been fitted to the C-pillar.  


Some subtle arch widening will be worked into the bodywork while the interior will be getting a luxurious leather treatment not to mention lots of audio and video equipment.  I will be keeping an eye on how this build develops and can’t wait to shoot the finished car at the end of this year!


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