Audi RS6 at the pumps

I’ve been seeing quite a few Audi RS6’s around Tokyo lately but was never quick enough to snap a pic with the iPhone (takes ages to get into photo mode!). Spotted this blue one yesterday afternoon on my way back home from Weld. Reason I shot the picture despite the car not being fully visible is because I though it was rather comical. I guess a 2t+ 580PS V10 twin turbo AWD luxury wagon will be spending a lot of time at the petrol station. Good thing hi-oku is selling for about 105 Yen/L! That would make it 8,400 Yen to fill up the 80 L tank….not so bad but how long will it take for it to drink the lot? A friend of mine drives an S6 Avant around Tokyo and averages about 3 km/L. I wonder if the RS6, with its colossal low-rpm torque, will be able to do better than the torqueless NA V10?  I’m thinking the extra torque means you will not need to rev the RS6 motor as much hence make it marginally more efficient. I will have to borrow one soon and find out me thinks. What a great idea!;)


1 Response to “Audi RS6 at the pumps”

  1. 1 gabriel
    January 8, 2009 at 4:26 am

    3km/litre!!!!! I do 7-8 km/litre on my S15 and i am already bitching…
    3km/litre = range of less than 400km on a 80litre tank. Ridonkculous!!

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