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Rev Speed Super Lap Battle

Well it’s that time of year again.  I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s SLB at Tsukuba circuit, by far my most favorite event of the year.  I’ve been to so many of these, as well as the ones held by Option magazine (they also do Fuji), that I’ve really seen the whole TA scene develop and grow, moving well away from what most will consider tuned cars, towards full out race cars. Will anyone be able come close to the HKS CT230R’s record of 53.589 sec?  Or will anyone be able to better M-Speed’s 2007 winning time of 54.481 sec?

Two cars we should all be keeping an eye on are the legendary Panspeed FD below, which has been perfected over the last year,


And this little monster here, the full-carbon Revolution FD.  



I shot it this past summer and hanged out with the team at Tsukuba while they were running tests.  This car is as extreme as they get, weights under 1000 kg, has custom double wishbone suspension front & rear and more than enough power.  Let’s just say it is more of a GT car than a tuned demo car!

One car I would have liked to see at the SLB is the Team Tarzan Impreza built in collaboration with Tomei (engine), Cusco (suspension/chassis/gearbox) and Voltex (body).  I saw the car win at Buttonwillow last month but it won’t be coming back to Japan for a while.  If you are reading this from the US you should go and check it out at the PRI show in Florida this coming week-end, it’s a pretty impressive machine.  Here are a few snaps I took earlier in the year at Fuji.



Mine’s will be there with their new Z34 demo car, already sporting some new tuning parts.  Will be interesting to see what the new Z will able to do at Tsukuba.  I remember driving the Mine’s Z33 a couple of years ago, and that thing was insanely fast!!  I’m sure they will create a real animal with new VQ37

Check back for some action from tomorrow’s event.  I won’t be able to post tomorrow night as after Tsukuba I’m going straight to Yokohama to the monthly GTR meet at Daikoku.  We will also be joined by the Datsun 510 guys so should be a very interesting, and looooong day!