MercedesBenz C63 AMG Wagon

Few weeks ago in Tokyo I got to take a quick test drive of this black C63 AMG Wagon.  Right from the moment I hit the start button I was hooked.  This car is all engine, you are reminded it’s there all the time from the burbly idle to the full on Nascar-like scream as it works through the revs.  Torque is monumental and the traction control works very hard all the time in the first two gears to keep the rear tyres from getting shredded!  The suspension is comfortable and the handling tight, not that I got to hit any serious corners mind you.  The interior I liked a lot, I really appreciate the new design direction MB has taken on the C-class, and the fully adjustable leather seats were some of the most comfortable I have sat on for a long time.

And with 450 plus horses no corners have been cut in the braking department.  Massive 6-pot front & 4-pot rear calipers bite down hard on pretty big discs all round.  


And at the heart, the hand-built AMG V8….

This would be a great upgrade from the Legacy 30R Wagon I currently use for work….if it wasn’t for a price tag well above that of a new Nissan GT-R ….and a  thirsty V8….


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