Nismo Tokachi 24h racing GT-R

Was over at Nismo last thursday shooting the Tokachi 24h race GT-R. What an impressive car this was. Pretty much prepared to Super Taikyu race guidelines this R35 is packing some interesting alterations. The interior has been stripped out and a race-spec roll cage welded in. Carbon bonnet & trunk are used to keep weight down as are the prohibitively expensive Rays forged wheels. These are shod with 20-inch RE55S s-tyres from Bridgestone!  20-inch S-tyres!! The front grille has been redesigned to allow for more airflow while the V-spec-like (or Spec-V….whatever!) front splitter air intakes (made of carbon) have been bolted in place. Anyway enjoy the couple of pix I took with the iPhone.

And the engine, nothing much to see here except the adjusters for the race dampers, an aluminium rad overflow/oil catch tank and the fact that the recirculating blow off valves have been removed.

There are no plans to run this GT-R in any other race series for now.


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