Tokyo dome amusement park

The girlfriend and I went to the Tokyo Dome amusement park on Sun night. The idea was to ride on some attractions in an attempt to cool off, something that didn’t really work out as I ended up sweating tenfold as I climbed up all those bloody stairs!

Started off on the Skyflower which is as camp as the name suggests. Basically recreated a fast traveling elevator going up and down (61 m) in a little cage with a fake parachute overhead. It was then on to the Linear Gale, apparently the world’s first hanging-type linear roller coaster. I really enjoyed this, some pretty hard core accelerations while your feet dangle in the air. Cooled off a bit on the Wonder Drop water slide by getting completely soaked and had fun laughing at the people covering themselves up with what can only be described as a full-body condom. I mean, if you don’t want to get splashed don’t ride on the bloody thing! It was then on to the Thunder Dolphin, the main roller coaster. I loved this despite being abandoned as my girlfriend pussied out at the last minute!  First drop is insane and the rest of the ride is pretty amazing as you seem to fly in the air between buildings.  At one point you also go through one as well as the center-less ferris wheel they have there.  Would have gone on it again if it wasn’t for the 30+ min queue.  Was really scared of riding the Tower Hacker, an 80 m free-fall.  I don’t know what was worst, the actual drop or the 10 sec + wait at the top….wondering when the thing would actually drop!  Ended up feeling nauseous on the spinning roller coaster, even though it looks like a ride for kids. Stuff that spins around really gets me.  Anyway nothing a handful of fried shrimp at Bubba Gump’s wouldn’t cure!


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