Zele International Harrison R35 GT-R

With Nissan shifting shedloads of GTRs every tuner out there is trying to get products developed and on the market.  Zele however was among the first with the Harrison kitted GT-R you see here.  Shown for the first time at TAS sporting a Lamborghini orange respray it is to this day the only R35 sporting a proper bodykit with a complete front bumper.  Since these shots were taken back in January Zele have developed more tuning parts like 2 types of ECUs, an oil cooler, and exhaust system and more carbon goodies.  For more info take a look here: Zele GTR

The original wheels, which were sprayed black, have now been replaced with some black Rays Engineering Gram Lights R57gt in 20-inch


1 Response to “Zele International Harrison R35 GT-R”

  1. June 30, 2008 at 8:36 am

    Stunning pics!!!

    Imho, that front bumper should be OEM bumper for R35.

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