Kazama Auto/Pit ORC Nikko drift day

I’ll start things off by posting a few pictures I took yesterday at Nikko.  Was great to go back to what has to be one of the best drift circuits in Japan.  Pigged out with a nice BBQ and enjoyed the rest of the day going out for rides in friend’s cars as well as snapping a few shots here and there.  Enjoy.

Kazama JZX-110, incredibly fast!  3.1L JZ with T04Z and NOS!

Andy from Powervehicles.com tearing up the track.  This JXZ-100 Corona Mark-II is powered by a 1.5JZ + T04Z

Miguel from Neweraimports.com with his 200PS Techno Pro Spirits tuned AE86

Dai-chan putting his 20V powered AE86

Both of the above shots were taken by Russ from rextreme.blogspot.com while I was out with Kazama

Some random shots of other participants

Pit ORC 2JZ powered Aristo

And their mean-looking Lexus-badged Toyota Hiace van!


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